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India India 24°3'N 70°9'E
Gems of Gujarat
United Kingdom United Kingdom 57°16'N 6°13'W
Isle of Skye
India India 15°18'N 74°7'E
United Kingdom United Kingdom 52°21'N 1°10'W
Cricket World Cup 2019
Malaysia Malaysia 3°9'N 101°43'E
Petronas Twin Towers
United States United States 43°12'N 71°34'W
Leaf Peeping in New England
Malaysia Malaysia 5°55'N 102°45'E
Perhentian Islands
Italy Italy 43°46'N 11°15'E
United States United States 44°26'N 110°35'W
Yellowstone National Park
Turkey Turkey 41°0'N 28°59'E

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