January 2012

Gems of Gujarat

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The three of us - a paediatrician, an army man and a lawyer, all traveling together for the first time, made an absolutely epic trip to Gujarat in the winter of 2012 and came away absolutely blown by what the place has to offer!

With the roads possibly being the best in the country, it was a treat sightseeing the Indian Wild Ass on a safari in the Little Rann of Kutch, staying at the camp of erstwhile Nawab of Zainabad, frolicking in a cotton factory, the mind boggling Great White Rann of Kutch (the largest salt flats in the world; why go to Bolivia - this is truly where its at) the northern boundary of which forms the international border between India and Pakistan, migrating birds of numbers and species I'd never seen before (pink flamingos included!!!), staying at a rural village resort (go figure), the red sandstone Vijaya Vilas palace in Mandvi to actually observing massive wooden ships being built by the ship builders of Mandvi, part of a 400 – year – old shipbuilding industry.

Unsurprisingly, this has probably been the most I have ever crunched into a holiday - if you can call it that - only fitting that exhaustion brought on a fever over the last couple of days.

Armed in 2012 only with basic camera skills and a crop sensor Nikon D90, I am relieved in 2020 that I shot entirely in Raw.

Ps: I can't stress enough about the grandeur of the White Rann. You have absolutely got to experience it. And seeing it on a full moon night? Without a doubt, a treat for a lifetime!

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